Braces in Chesapeake

Braces in Chesapeake
Posted on 12/08/2021

So it’s finally time to get your braces off! You’re excited to eat all those tasty foods that were off-limits and revel in your beautiful new smile, but you might be wondering what getting your braces removed is actually like. At Eastern Virginia Orthodontics we’ve helped countless patients achieve stunning results with braces in Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach, so we can tell you exactly what to expect on the exciting day when your braces get taken off.

Braces Removal

Getting your braces off only takes about an hour. It is a very simple procedure that consists of 3 steps:

  1. Your orthodontist will use a special tool to loosen and then pop the brackets off the surface of your teeth one at a time. Once each bracket is no longer attached, the braces will usually come off in one piece, with the wire still connecting the brackets. This is a painless process, with only slight pressure as the brackets are loosened.
  2. The orthodontist will then thoroughly clean your teeth, and gently remove any remaining glue or residue from the front of the teeth. Again, this involves slight pressure but is completely painless. Your teeth will not only be straight but squeaky clean after braces removal!
  3. Once the braces are off and your teeth are cleaned, the orthodontist will inspect your bite, palette, and the alignment of your teeth visually and with X-rays.

Braces Removal

Braces do the tough work of realigning teeth, but another phase of treatment is necessary to lock in results. This phase is called retention, and fortunately, it is a lot less involved than braces and other appliances. Your orthodontist will give you a custom retainer to wear at night, and this gentle pressure will help your teeth “retain” their new positions, rather than slipping back into misalignment.

Visit Your Orthodontist to Get Started

If you’re ready to get started with your braces journey or are already well on your way to removal day, contact Eastern Virginia Orthodontics and set up a consultation today. We offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment for all ages, because it’s never too soon or too late to invest in a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. Request an appointment and visit us at one of our three Eastern Virginia locations.