Orthodontic emergencies.At Eastern Virginia Orthodontics, we aim to provide you with reliable, quality, and friendly treatment that you can trust. We believe that an exceptional team of people is key to a well-working orthodontic office, and we are proud to say that ours is one of our best assets. Dr. Shivar, Dr. Peluso and the rest of our helpful staff work together to cater to the individualized needs of our patients, and do so in a relaxed and welcoming environment. 

In the rare occurrence that you feel you may have an orthodontic emergency, we want to remain available to you. Are you experiencing a minor problem that can be taken care of on your own, or does your situation require immediate attention? We deeply care about our patients and want to make sure you feel safe and taken care of at all times, and that begins with helping you determine the severity of your specific case. 

A Major Emergency

If you are experiencing any of the following, please seek help as soon as possible:

  • Injury or Trauma to any part of your teeth, mouth, or face 
  • Infection or Swelling in any part of your gums, mouth, or face
  • Severe Discomfort or Pain in any part of your gums, mouth, or face

Even if you don’t know the cause, it's important that you call for a professional’s opinion if you are experiencing severe discomfort or pain. We recommend that you seek help as soon as possible, whether it be in a dentist’s office or in an emergency room. If you wait, you risk having to deal with more pain that may also be more expensive to treat. 

Minor Issues

Fortunately, almost all of the problems our patients deal with are minor, and may include slight discomfort or irritation, but not much else. Nevertheless, our office is here for you. We recommend that you try to soothe the discomfort on your own, as well as give our office a call so that we can get an appointment set up for you. 

The following are a list of common orthodontic problems that you can attempt to relieve at home:

  • Brackets, Bands, or Wires That Are Loose Or Broken: Most of the time this issue is caused by eating certain types of food. If a band or bracket is still attached to the wire, leave it as is, refrain from connecting any elastics to it, and try to save what has fallen off. If it is irritating your mouth, you may cover it with orthodontic wax. Either way, please give us a call and let us know what happened!
  • Poking or Misplaced Archwire, Bracket or Tie: As your teeth begin to move, the archwire may begin poking the inside of your mouth. If you can’t move the wire into a better position yourself, please give our office a call so we can offer our guidance and instructions. If your wires or brackets are causing irritation, you may always try covering the sensitive areas with wax as well.
  • General Pain or Looseness: This looseness is normal, and means that your teeth are moving! If you are experiencing minor soreness, over-the-counter pain relievers are an option. You may also want to try doing a salt-water rinse twice a day. This involves mixing a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water, and rinsing/swishing for 30 seconds. You may also want to try placing a warm washcloth or heating pad on the outside of your jaw for some more relief.

Contact Your Virginia Beach Orthodontist Today

Thankfully orthodontic emergencies are rare, but still we aim to make your treatment process as comfortable and painless as possible. When it comes to your health and comfortability, please don’t ever feel bad about giving us a call. You can reach our Chesapeake office at (757) 547-7002, our Norfolk office at (757) 583-2333, or our Virginia Beach office at (757) 340-2881. You can also complete an appointment request online. We look forward to hearing from you soon!