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Quality Orthodontic Treatment in Virginia Beach, VA


Everyone deserves a smile they're proud of, and at Eastern Virginia Orthodontics, our mission is to help patients achieve one. As a leading orthodontic practice serving Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach, VA, we're proud to offer orthodontic treatments ranging from braces to Invisalign, and our Virginia Beach orthodontists work closely with our patients to personalize treatment to fit even the busiest lifestyle. Usually, our patients work with us from their very first orthodontic appointment – but we also accept patients who transfer to us from another orthodontist in some cases. Transferring from one orthodontist to another during treatment can be challenging, but if it's something that your life necessitates, we're here to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.


Orthodontic Transfers in Norfolk, VA


In the best of all worlds, you'd always finish your entire orthodontic treatment with the same doctor you started with. But as we all know, sometimes life gets in the way! Sometimes, patients need to move locations in the middle of their treatment, and that often means they need to switch orthodontists. Due to the complexities of orthodontic treatment, this process can present several difficulties, but the experts at Eastern Virginia Orthodontics are here to help you get through it. 


What to Expect if You Change Orthodontists During Treatment


First, let's get something on the table right away: transferring orthodontists isn't a convenient process. As a transfer patient, you may face an increased treatment time, a higher treatment fee than normal, and your treatment plan may even change from the initial recommendation. There's a lot of reasons for that, but one big one is that your new orthodontist will need to complete a due diligence process of fully investigating your orthodontic condition before they're able to assume responsibility for your treatment. This takes more work than normal and makes the process more complex. Every case is different, but here are just a few of the things that can make treatment more expensive when transferring orthodontists:


  • The time it takes to find a new orthodontist and schedule your first appointment can set your treatment time back. 
  • Once you've found an orthodontist, they'll need to spend time reviewing your case and requesting the transfer of your original medical records. 
  • Your new orthodontist will need to choose how to structure your treatment moving forward, and because they have a duty to provide the best treatment they can, this could even mean a change in the course of your treatment. 
  • In some cases, your new orthodontist may need to change or replace brackets or appliances. 
  • The cost of living varies from place to place in the US, which can have a significant effect on orthodontic fees. For example, orthodontic treatment in a metropolitan area will be more expensive than in a rural area, and if you're relocating, your treatment fee may increase as an effect of the increased cost of living in your new home.


Issues like these can put a hitch in the timeline and cost of your treatment, and the more complicated the treatment, the more significant these issues will be. We work hard to make the orthodontic transfer process as quick, smooth, and convenient as possible, but please keep in mind that there are many factors outside of our control. We'll do all we can to keep treatment costs and timeline as close to your original arrangement as possible, but it may not be possible – and if you do face an increase in fees or treatment time, we apologize in advance for the inconvenience. 


Contact Your Chesapeake, VA Orthodontist


All that said, if you do need to transfer to a new orthodontist, we have a wealth of experience in managing these cases and would be happy to help. Take the first step and contact us today to start discussing your treatment needs and schedule a consultation appointment. We can't wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you achieve your dream smile!