Oral Hygiene Tips After Oral Surgery

Here at Eastern Virginia Orthodontics, oral surgery is a common occurrence. But, for you, oral surgery might be an intimidating option to have on the table. As a leading Virginia Beach military orthodontist, we have performed oral surgery on kids and adults, including military members and veterans.

The truth is that maintaining proper oral hygiene after oral surgery is crucial for recovery. What are the best ways to maintain your oral health post-op? Here are five tips for how you can keep your entire mouth in good health following your oral surgery.


Rinse With Warm Water

Once you return home from having oral surgery, you need to maintain your oral health. The best way to start is to begin swishing with warm water after each meal. Ideally, you should be doing these five or six times per day, but you need to do so gently. Otherwise, you might trigger pain or swelling in the area of your surgery.

Doing this assists in clearing food and drink from your teeth and gums. Your surgical site can stay clean and free from potential infection.


Easy on the Brushing

Avoid brushing at the surgical site in the following days post-op. You should resume brushing the day after surgery but do so without your usual vigor. Keep from pressing the toothbrush bristles down into the gums or hard onto your teeth. This can prevent damage to the surgical site or increased levels of pain.


Avoid Antibacterial Mouthwash Until Your Orthodontist Norfolk Clears You

Another thing to avoid after oral surgery is antibacterial mouthwash. Wait for your Virginia Beach military orthodontist to clear you to use it.

Using antibacterial mouthwash might prove to be painful since these mouthwashes have alcohol bases. Wait until you’re given the all-clear to resume normal use.


Avoid Flossing if You Had a Gum Procedure

It is very rare that we will tell you to not floss. However, after oral surgery like a gum graft, you will want to hold off on flossing. Flossing can trigger pain, swelling, or bleeding.

Take Antibiotics Exactly as Prescribed

Finally, when you get oral surgery, you’ll likely be prescribed antibiotics if you have a pre-existing health condition. Always be sure you take your antibiotics precisely as prescribed by your Virginia Beach military orthodontist. After all, this can help you avoid a painful infection at the surgical site.

Ready to book an appointment with an orthodontist in Norfolk? Contact Eastern Virginia Orthodontics today. Please feel free to ask us any lingering questions you might have about oral surgery and proper hygiene following your surgical procedure.