What to Expect When Getting Your Braces Removed


The moment you have been anticipating for months has finally come. Your braces are ready to come off and reveal your perfectly straight teeth! Here’s what you can expect at your debanding appointment with our expert team of doctors at Eastern Virginia Orthodontics.

The Braces Come Off!

Our experts, Drs. Peluso and Savage will let you know when your braces are ready to come off. Our team will then schedule a debanding appointment, which typically lasts about an hour. During this appointment, our experienced doctors will utilize orthodontic instruments to remove all the brackets and bands. Then we will remove any residual glue leftover on your teeth. Don’t worry, this process is relatively comfortable, although you may feel slight pressure when the braces are being removed. Finally, we’ll take pictures of your beautiful teeth and smile and place them in your final records.

Fitting Your Retainer After Braces

After your braces are removed, you will be fitted for a retainer. Make sure you wear your custom-made retainer 23 hours a day to ensure your teeth stay straight. Your teeth have a tendency to move back into the positions they were in before braces, so it is crucial to wear this regularly. Your orthodontist will give you specific care instructions as to when you should wear your retainer. Follow these instructions closely to look forward to a gorgeous smile for a lifetime.

Caring For Your Teeth After Braces

After getting your braces debanded, you may feel some discomfort and tooth sensitivity. Your teeth will be more exposed after being half covered by a bracket for months, or even years, so please be sure to brush and floss your teeth often. This task will be even easier without your braces and brackets!

Schedule Your Next Visit With Our Virginia Beach Orthodontist!

Your debanding appointment is a milestone for you and our staff at Eastern Virginia Orthodontics! We can’t wait to see the beautiful smile you have been waiting for and you’ll be able to confidently show off your smile to family and friends. Be sure to continue your great dental hygiene, and make regular dental appointments. If you have any questions for us, our friendly staff would love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] with questions, or schedule an appointment at our Norfolk, Chesapeake, or Virginia Beach office locations today!