Invisalign FAQ

At Eastern Virginia Orthodontics, we’re proud to serve patients in and around Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake, VA.  Whether you’re looking for an experienced team of orthodontists for your children, or want to improve your smile with adult treatment, you can trust our practice to deliver the results you desire. We offer a variety of orthodontic services so that we can provide treatment that meets your unique needs, preferences and lifestyle. 

One of our most popular treatment options is Invisalign, which use sets of clear aligners to slowly move your teeth and jaw into the desired position. For our older patients, it’s a great way to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing you’re undergoing treatment. You’ll consult with one of our doctors, who will examine you and determine if Invisalign is right for you. Below, you’ll find the most common questions about Invisalign, and our answers to them.

Q: Do I need to wear my aligners around the clock?
A: In order for Invisalign to work as it’s designed, your aligners must be worn for approximately 22 hours every day. You can take them out when eating and when brushing & flossing your teeth.

Q: What about food restrictions?
A: Unlike braces, you are free to continue enjoying all your favorite foods as an Invisalign patient. Just remember to take your aligners out when eating and to brush your teeth and aligners before you put them back in.

Q: How will my speech sound when wearing the aligners?
A: It is natural for your speech to sound slightly different when you first start wearing the aligners. However, by practicing talking aloud or singing, your speech will return to normal very quickly. 

Q: Is it painful to be treated with Invisalign?
A: While it is not painful to be treated with Invisalign, you can expect to feel some soreness and discomfort for the first fews day with each aligner in the series.

Q: Is gum chewing allowed?
A: We don’t recommend chewing gum while wearing your aligners as it will easily stick to your aligners to make a mess.

Q: Is it OK to smoke with the aligners in?
A: We discourage smoking with your aligners in as it can easily stain or discolor them. 

Q: How do I clean my aligners?
A: Simply brush them gently using a soft bristled toothbrush and toothpaste and then rinse them off in cool water when done. Never put your aligners in boiling water to clean them as hot water can warp your aligners to make them unwearable.

Q: How often will I need to visit your office during treatment?
A: We will ask you to come into our office every five to six weeks so we can make sure your treatment is on track.

Q: Will I have to wear a retainer after treatment?
A: Yes. In order to keep your teeth in their new positions, you will have to wear a retainer after treatment at night.

Q: Can kids and teens be treated with Invisalign?
A: Yes, as long as their teeth are completely grown in.

Q: How long will I be in treatment?
A: The average time spent wearing Invisalign is between 6 and 18 months.

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