Busting These Common Myths About Braces

Today, there are preconceived notions about basically everything, including braces and the orthodontist. Many people think the orthodontist is scary, too expensive, and not available for their age. Fortunately, our orthodontists and staff are here to set the record straight. Eastern Virginia Orthodontics wants to debunk 4 myths about braces, Invisalign, and the orthodontist!


1. Only Kids Receive Orthodontic Treatment

Many people believe that only children and teens can wear braces and visit the orthodontist. However, this could not be further from the truth! Patients of all ages can and should visit the orthodontist if they are not completely happy with the alignment of their teeth or if they have biting or chewing problems. Our fastest-growing group of patients is adults. More and more adults want to learn about orthodontic treatment. And, with improvements in technology and different orthodontic appliances, treatment has never been easier. Adults can choose from a wide range of treatments like traditional braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign.

2. Metal Braces are Your Only Orthodontic Choice

As mentioned previously, this is absolutely false! Orthodontic technology is constantly changing and improving the quality and options of orthodontic treatment. Eastern Virginia Orthodontics offers an array of different orthodontic treatment options for all ages, including traditional braces, ceramic translucent braces, and Invisalign. As a teen or an adult, if you are looking for a less noticeable orthodontic treatment option, we can help!


3. Braces are too Expensive

The orthodontist is certainly not free, but it is by no means too expensive or out of reach for some patients. Orthodontic treatment is essential for correct teeth alignment and good oral health. These treatments can be quite complex and may take months or a couple of years to fully complete the treatment. Therefore, the price reflects the procedure. That being said, at Eastern Virginia Orthodontics, we offer our patients the most affordable access to orthodontic care and flexible payment plans to fit your financial needs. We never want a patient or family to think that braces are too expensive for them because it just is not the case!


4. Treatment Takes Several Years To Complete

Several years for orthodontic treatment is an extreme exaggeration. The length of the treatment is case-specific for each patient, we can never generalize. Depending on the patient’s needs and oral health, our doctors and staff will assess which treatment option is the most appropriate. For some cases, this could be rather simple and mean only a few months of treatment. For other, more typical cases, orthodontic treatment usually takes 18-24 months to complete.

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