Adolescent Treatment


Adolescent orthodontic care.

Eastern Virginia Orthodontics recognizes that the best time for orthodontic treatment is the adolescent years. Teens have a rapid period of growth that is conducive to the orthodontic process, straightening and perfecting smiles in just a few short years. If you live in the area, and you need a Norfolk orthodontist or a Virginia Beach military orthodontist, Eastern Virginia Orthodontics can help.

What Orthodontic Care Corrects

As a parent, you are probably wondering if your teen needs orthodontic treatment. It helps to understand that even minor treatments help correct and prevent future problems. For example, realigning the teeth through treatment opens up the airway so that your teen can breathe better during the day and at night. Correcting problems with teeth may also correct problems with lisping and chewing or overcrowding and impaction of adult teeth.

Other Appliances for Treatment

Teens often wonder if they will have to wear "headgear." This is a device that hooks onto two special brackets on the braces and then wraps around the back of the head with a soft stretchy band. The purpose of this device is to move the upper or lower jaw back into position so that the top and bottom teeth align. Your child will only need headgear IF he or she has a major overbite or underbite.
Surgery in teens is rare, but it is used to correct skeletal problems with the mouth and face. Your orthodontist will let you know if surgery or headgear will be a necessary part of your teen's orthodontic treatment plan.

Multiple Treatment Options Through Your Virginia Beach Military Orthodontist

Metal braces.

Clear braces.Clear aligners.

If you are in the military, your teens can get the orthodontic care they need with multiple options. These are the same options offered to other teens, except that your teen's choice may be fully or partially covered regardless of the type of braces he or she chooses. Your teen can select from:

  • Traditional metal braces with metal brackets
  • "Clear" braces that have clear plastic brackets but you can still see the orthodontic wires
  • Clear Invisalign braces that pop in and out and need to be changed every couple of weeks to every couple of months
  • Sublingual braces, which are metal brackets adhered to the backs of your teen's teeth instead of the front, which is the most invisible of all brace options

Most insurance plans only cover traditional braces, or at most, braces with clear plastic brackets. Invisalign braces are often considered "cosmetic" and not covered, even when the patient is a teen. Your military dental coverage might be quite different, so you should check before choosing the right orthodontic appliances for your teen.

At the very least, you should consider having your teen evaluated by an orthodontist at Eastern Virginia Orthodontics. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our amazing Norfolk orthodontists!

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