Dental Tips & Treatment for Teens

At Eastern Virginia Orthodontics, our mission is to provide quality orthodontics and dental care to all our patients. We are passionate about oral health and strive to impart the importance of good oral hygiene care no matter your age.

These days, teens live very busily, on-the-go lifestyles. Between classes, clubs, sports, and jobs, it can be tempting to skip what may feel like small things here and there, such as oral hygiene practices. However, skipping these can add up to big problems over time, so as your trusted provider of quality orthodontics, Chesapeake’s Eastern Virginia Orthodontics has created this list of dental tips and treatments for teens.


Have an On-the-Go Kit

Because teens have such busy schedules, having a dental hygiene kit that can be taken on the go is a great way to stay on top of good oral hygiene habits. In a reusable zip bag or pouch, keep a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. For teens with braces, dental wax, interdental brushes, and floss threaders are also helpful to keep on hand.


Establish and Follow a Routine

Although days can have varying schedules, mornings and nights are usually the same day-to-day, so try to establish a good oral hygiene routine for morning and nighttime. This way, it’s built right into your daily schedule!


Don’t Overindulge in Sugary Treats

While this is good advice for everyone in general, it’s especially good advice for growing teens and teens with braces. Braces can create hard-to-reach areas where bacteria from sugary foods love to hide. As your trusted provider for braces in Norfolk, Eastern Virginia Orthodontics can help provide more details on the food dos and don’ts with braces and the best ways to keep them clean.


Have Regular Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Having regularly scheduled appointments with your quality provider of dentistry and orthodontics in Chesapeake will help ensure your oral health remains on track, can address any problems before they potentially become more severe, and help keep your smile bright and clean until your next visit.


Your Trusted Provider for Braces in Norfolk and Chesapeake

No matter how busy our schedules may become, it’s important to keep up small, healthy habits for our benefit. Eastern Virginia Orthodontics strives to provide efficient, quality dental and orthodontic care to all our patients no matter what age. Connect with us today to learn more and schedule your appointment!