How Do Teeth Move?

How Do Teeth Move?
Posted on 12/18/2020
At Eastern Virginia Orthodontics, our orthodontists and staff work hard to provide patients with beautiful, straight smiles that fit their orthodontic needs and budgets. At the beginning of orthodontic treatment, it is very common to ask “how do teeth actually move.” This is the age-old question when it comes to orthodontics and our team is here to break it down for you. 

Giving Teeth the Light Push They Need

When a light push or force is applied to a tooth, the bone surrounding this tooth can be remodeled. Our bones that hold our teeth in place can be slowly reshaped using a light force. In the simplest terms, at the beginning of a patient’s orthodontic treatment or when they visit the orthodontist to tighten their wires and brackets, this light force is applied. A patient’s teeth will move during the first few days after this force is applied. That’s why your teeth can feel sore or have minor discomfort for a few days, your teeth are moving! 

The light force of orthodontics is specific and must be done in a careful manner so as to not damage the tissues surrounding the teeth and bone. It is also imperative to follow the instructions of your orthodontist to ensure your orthodontic treatment is following the plan. Even one day not wearing your elastics or having a broken wire or bracket can disrupt the teeth movement. For your individualized orthodontics in Virginia Beach, your orthodontist may use a combination of brackets, wires, and elastics or clear aligners to apply this light force and eventually move your teeth. 

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