What Are The Most Discreet Orthodontic Options for Adults?

Are you an adult searching for a discreet way to straighten your teeth? You’re not alone! Many adults worry about how braces might look at work or out with friends. At Eastern Virginia Orthodontics, Dr. Peluso and Dr. Savage get it. That’s why we offer treatments that hardly anyone will notice. Whether in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, or Chesapeake, we’ve got you covered. Our team is here to help you get a smile you’re proud of without putting your life on pause. 

Great Grown-up Treatments

First impressions and professional appearances matter more than ever. Adults increasingly seek orthodontic solutions that align with their lifestyle and image. Eastern Virginia Orthodontics recognizes your unique needs as an adult patient. While the desire for a brighter, straighter smile is universal, the journey to get there shouldn’t have to be everybody’s business.

For adults getting orthodontic treatment for the first time, discreet treatment options are not just a preference. They’re often necessary. Whether it’s a business meeting, a social gathering, or everyday life, the idea of conventional metal braces can be daunting. That’s where our range of nearly invisible treatments comes into play. They allow for correcting dental issues without drawing attention. 

Moreover, our team’s modern solutions offer more than just aesthetic benefits. We manufacture them for maximal comfort and convenience. After a few days, even you won’t notice your appliances. With advancements in orthodontic technology, treatments like clear aligners and ceramic braces provide marked results without the typical look and feel of braces. 

Discreet Orthodontic Options at Eastern Virginia Orthodontics

Dr. Peluso, Dr. Savage, and our awesome team specialize in treatments that onlookers are unaware of. From clear aligners to ceramic braces, we have the optimal discreet option to help you achieve the smile you’re entitled to.

Clear Braces

You might hear doctors refer to these as “ceramic” braces. They’re similar to metal braces in how they operate, and they are equally as successful as their metallic variants. While they offer the same effectiveness in correcting misaligned teeth, some patients report that ceramic braces require more care to maintain their down-low appearance. With clear braces, you can keep on smiling and being yourself. 


Invisalign is a favorite among adults for its almost invisible appearance. These clear aligners are custom-made to slide over your teeth easily. How do they work? As you wear them, they gently help relocate your teeth to new positions. Invisalign is for you if you’re conscious about how you look or don’t want to draw attention to your treatment. 

Invisalign lets you keep living your life while readjusting your smile. It is much less noticeable than metal braces. Therefore, it remains popular among adults concerned about their appearance during orthodontic treatment. 


What Are The Most Discreet Orthodontic Options for Adults?

Considerations When Choosing Your Orthodontic Treatment

Investing in your sparkling new smile is exciting. But it comes with important decisions. At Eastern Virginia Orthodontics, Dr. Peluso, Dr. Savage, and our all-star team are here to help you with these choices. We won’t recommend a treatment you don’t need. You can trust us to pick the best treatment that fits your budget, goals, and lifestyle. Here are some key factors to consider:

Lifestyle and Daily Routine

Think about how orthodontic treatment fits into your daily regimen. If you’re often in front of clients or enjoy an active social life, treatments like Invisalign or ceramic braces might appeal to you for their subtlety. Consider how each option might impact your daily activities, from eating and drinking to your oral hygiene routine.

Treatment Duration

The length of time you’ll need to wear braces or aligners varies depending on the complexity of your dental issues. Talk it over with our team to learn what you can expect from each treatment option. Knowing the estimated duration can help you make a decision that aligns with your goals.

Aesthetics and Comfort

Your comfort with your appearance during treatment is of the utmost importance. Does the idea of visible braces make you hesitant? Clear aligners or ceramic braces could be the right choice. Each option offers a level of discretion that traditional metal braces do not.

Financial Considerations

Orthodontic treatment represents a long-term investment in oral health and wellbeing. We give you various payment plans and options to fit your budget, ensuring that financial constraints are manageable for your new smile.

Professional Guidance

Choosing the proper orthodontic treatment is a decision that shouldn’t be made alone. Dr. Peluso, Dr. Savage, and our team at Eastern Virginia Orthodontics provide personalized consultations to help advise you. We’ll discuss your aesthetic goals, lifestyle needs, and oral health to suggest the most suitable treatment plan.

What Are The Most Discreet Orthodontic Options for Adults?

Discreet Adult Orthodontics at Eastern Virginia Orthodontics

Eastern Virginia Orthodontics wants adults in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake to smile and keep smiling. Dr. Peluso, Dr. Savage, and our team will help you find a treatment that fits your lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, and oral health concerns. Clear braces and clear aligners like Invisalign are your surefire way to a smile you’ll love for years to come. Visit us here to schedule your free consultation.