6 Tips for Caring for Ceramic Braces

If you’re considering getting braces at a Virginia Beach orthodontist but you don’t have a metal mouth, ceramic braces may be for you. They’re ideal for those with major spacing issues and less visible than other popular orthodontic treatments. These are also a good choice if you have a nickel allergy, which is used in most stainless steel products. However, some guidelines must be followed if you’re considering this treatment for teeth alignment.


Invest in a Mouthguard

If you play sports or engage in rigorous activity where the occasional fall is expected, a mouthguard saves money. These protect the ceramic material from getting chipped or cracked. Sometimes orthodontists recommend having a mouthguard to prevent possible damage.


Stop Smoking

Ceramic is a very porous material that will soak up tobacco stains, leaving you with a brown or gray grin. Unlike aligners, these cannot be removed when you decide to take a smoke break. Before seeing an orthodontist about braces in Norfolk, look into reasonable smoke cessation treatments.


Keep All Orthodontic Appointments

Like most medical treatments, only a licensed practitioner can see small changes or imperfections that can be managed on the spot. Ceramic braces can affect your teeth’s enamel over time. Also, fragments can get lodged in your gums or elsewhere.


Stay Away From Foods that Stain

If you like to eat certain berries or drink wine, you may have to find alternatives like drinking with a straw. The porous surface soaks up stains from foods and certain beverages. When asking about getting braces at a Virginia Beach dental office, there may be a treatment to prevent the onset of some stains.


Brush After Every Meal

Even if you steer clear of coffee and other staining foods, it’s important to brush often. This also reduces plaque that gets stuck to braces and your teeth, which can be uncomfortable to clean.


Don’t Use Whitening Toothpaste or Outside Treatments

While this seems logical if you can’t stay away from foods or drinks that stain your braces, it has a reverse effect. Doing this results in teeth of varying colors once your braces are removed.

The nice thing about ceramic braces is that they’re just as reliable as traditional metal braces. If you take care of your braces, a beautiful smile is the result even while you’re wearing them. Call us today to learn more about the many orthodontic treatments we offer at our many locations.