Why Starting Braces During Summer is the Best Time!

With summer here and with the downfall of COVID-19, now is a good time to get back to normal. This means going out more in public and seeing friends and family that you haven’t seen in a long time. Why not improve your health by starting orthodontic treatment? At East Virginia Orthodontics, we are excited to help you this season. Whether you are a child or an adult, summer can be a great time to start braces.


A Better Looking Smile for Summer

Summertime events with friends and family (especially when getting back together) cause for pictures. With so many fun summertime events going on, people are looking to get braces so they can have a better-looking smile.



One of the reasons why summer is a great time to start braces is because of how flexible summertime can be, especially if you or your child is on a school break. This means that you can continue your normal habits daily.

  • Summer vacation means more free time. This can give someone greater flexibility to schedule appointments.
  • Allows a few months to adjust and adapt to braces before going back to school in the fall.
  • Easier to adopt new eating and drinking habits before school lunches, holidays, and other events tempt you or your child to ignore routines.
  • Increased time at home also means more time to focus on your or your child’s diet. If you or your child receive metal braces, it means having to stay away from sticky and crunchy foods.
  • Without the morning rush, students will have free time to establish an effective cleaning routine, for example, learning to floss with threaders and brushing more frequently.


Start with Us Today!

At Eastern Virginia Orthodontics, we know summer is an exciting season for many. If you or your child are interested in receiving braces this summer, contact us! There is no better time to start, and our staff is here to help you get started. Our doctors have extensive training and offer customizable care to everyone who walks through our doors. We are excited to work with you. By next summer, you will have a smile to feel confident about!