Back To School With Braces: Tips & Tricks

Back To School With Braces: Tips & Tricks
Posted on 08/06/2018
Back To School With Braces

Back to School with Braces: Tips & Tricks

While it might not be on the front of your mind, Summer is actually a very popular time of year for school-aged children to begin the process of straightening their smile with braces. And with the new school year just around the corner, many children will be attending class with braces for the first time. Fear not! We’ve compiled some helpful back-to-school tips to help make this time of year enjoyable, and trouble-free.

1. Maintain a Consistent Oral Hygiene Routine

In the midst of starting new classes, or even attending a new school, it is easy to get busy and let oral hygiene fall by the wayside. During this busy time it is more important than ever to keep a structured hygiene schedule and stick to it. Maintaining a consistent routine will help you to avoid tooth decay and other dental problems that can delay the treatment process. You should always try to brush your teeth after meals, which means : Tipsit is a good idea to carry a toothbrush, small tube of toothpaste and floss. When you're finished with lunch, or done having a snack, you can head to the bathroom to brush and floss your teeth.

2. Visit Your Orthodontist On a Regular Basis

It is very important to schedule regular appointments to come in and see your Orthodontist. In order for us to ensure that our end result is a straight, beautiful smile, regular adjustments are necessary. We can schedule these appointments in office, or you can schedule one online here.

3. Stay Away From Damaging Food Items

If you’re wearing conventional braces, there are certain foods that can potentially damage, or even break your braces. Hard, crunchy, chewy, and sticky food items such as hard candy, nuts, popcorn, gum, and ice can damage braces components like the rubber bands, wires, or even the bracket itself. It is also important to remember that many food items such as sandwiches, fruit, and vegetables can be cut up and made easier to eat.

4. Take Care of Your Retainer

If you have already gotten your braces off and are now in the retention stage, you’re probably wearing a retainer. It is common for students to throw their retainers away after taking them out to eat. Instead of wrapping your retainer in a napkin we recommend using the retainers protective case whenever it is not in your mouth.

If you stick to all of these tips, perfecting your oral hygiene routine will be a breeze! If you have any additional comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to assist!